PARIS - Boulogne


A.C. Boulogne - 02.jpg

Location : Boulogne, Paris area.

I had the immense pleasure to work with an extraordinary individual. Veterinarian, scientist, humanist, collector over three continents, he has a passion for books, animals, fabrics, Asian and African art while remembering his French roots. Mixing his passions and worldwide collections while designing an elegant and harmonious living space was the challenge of this project. The design is eclectic but all objects have found its place. The decoration of this apartment is immensely rich with history and character. What was most rewardig to me is that this apartment reflects the personality and the life story of the owner.

Photography by Paul Portier.

30 bd Jean Jaurès Boulogne - 02.jpg

Living room before renovation

30 bd Jean Jaurès Boulogne - 03.jpg

Entry hall before renovation

The living room after renovation.

The living room after renovation.

A.C. Boulogne - 04.jpg
A.C. Boulogne - 05 - 1.jpg
A.C. Boulogne - 06.jpg
The entry hall.

The entry hall.

A.C. Boulogne - 15.jpg