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Home and lifestyle by Anne M. Carminati


While I am in New York, I like to do, eat and visit all things that are about NYC. Except for this time! I went to see the movie Paris Can Wait with Diana Lane and Arnaud Viard. Arnaud is a very very very....long time friend, and I would not have missed the movie for the world. I went with close friends to the Paris Theater, a theater that has an old world charm located in midtown. When the movie started, not only was it odd to be transported to France in places that I have been and roads I have taken a thousand times, but it was all the more funny to go on this trip with Arnaud acting in the movie! And to top it all off Diane Lane's character'name is Anne!!! I had to laugh!! It's a full on fantasy movie, all about French clich├ęs that everyone adores, filled with humor, and a feel good movie for women who discover that they are still attractive after their fifties. AFTER ALL, LIFE IS NOT OVER AFTER FIFTY, and everything is still possible! At the end of the movie, the audience was clapping!
Congratulations to you, Arnaud!