Home and Lifestyle by Anne M. Carminati

Home and lifestyle by Anne M. Carminati

Paris Art+Design - Latest Home Decor trends

I went to the Paris Art+Design show in the Jardins des Tuileries last week-end. PAD is a fantastic show for the collector or the curious mind.  Prominent international galleries exhibit beautiful works ranging from modern art, photography, design, jewelry, decorative and tribal arts. I love strolling through the galleries, it feels like you are wandering from one boutique to another. Galleries present their works very tastefully and elegantly. It is a great opportunity for me to gather some ideas for colors, fabrics, furniture and more for my decorating projects. I was pleasantly surprised by the experts' warm welcome, it was easy to chat with them. I enjoyed listening to their passion and the story behind a piece. I thought the quality was excellent,  I loved the eclectic choice in home furnishings, and lighting was a big star. As a designer, I find these shows a source of inspiration; it is a good place to discover the latest home decor trends. You will see below my favorite pieces.