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Tulipomania at Luco

Tulipomania at Luco

I cannot resist sharing my pictures of the beautiful Tulips at Le Jardin du Luxembourg. It is such an incredible sight. Nature is the most beautiful artwork, a pure delight for our eyes. Tulips are the stars of Luco (Parisians nickname Le Jardin du Luxembourg Luco). Tulips have good reasons to be celebrated in the world's most famous gardens. People have been fascinated by this simple flower throughout history. It started in Turkey in the 15th century, but it reached the peak of its celebrity during the 17th century in Holland.

The Dutch became obsessed with tulips. They were originally a natural curiosity and a hobby for wealthy people, it soon became a fascination, and its value took immense proportions. Speculation on Tulip bulbs began building quickly as the middle and upper classes sought them as the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. Initially, the bulbs were grown and traded between connoisseurs and scholars but the popularity of tulips increased, and speculation began among more commercially oriented people. A period of absurd speculation began, it was known as "Tulipomania" during 1636 - 1637.

Although I agree it reached insane proportions where literally a bulb could buy a house, I totally understand why the Dutch were so fascinated. We are still today in awe. They are the first spring flowers, tulips stand proud, bright and tall, their colors are soft or vivid, they defy winter temperatures, and announce nature's rebirth and most of all they bring happiness and a smile on our faces.

Let's celebrate Tulips!